2013 Ocean City Birthday Vacation – Day 2

After spending most of the day in Rehoboth with my family playing mini golf, getting soaked at the water bumper wars, racing go-karts and hitting the arcades and amusement center at the boardwalk we headed back to the trailer pretty much exhausted.

I had time to kill while waiting to go out for my birthday dinner so I headed to the pier and boat slip to see if I can capture something. At the very least I have another sunset.

I did find a seagull perched on some sort of fence on the marshes. I patiently sat by the boat slip fending off some mosquitoes and horseflies for almost 15 to 20 minutes with my camera fixed on the bird, waiting for it to do something spectacular like spread its wings or do a gangnam dance but all I got was a few head turns.

Seagull on Fence

Seagull on Fence

Then I got the payoff for waiting long enough. A couple, Councilman Joe and Laura arrived with their dogs and went straight to the water. I asked if I could take their photos. Luckily, they obliged. Aside from being interesting photo subjects, I get to add them to my 100 Strangers Project.

Councilman Joe Woods Laura Woods

Joe played “fetch the ball in the water” with Katie.

Joe and Katie Katie Katie

While Laura trained the dalmatian (I didn’t get his or her name) to get comfortable in the water…

Laura with dalmatian

Councilman Joe and Laura Woods pointed me to their facebook page so I can share their photos with them. They own Maryland Quartermaster, a firearms, military, police, and public safety supply store in Bel Air, MD.


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