Turning A Snapshot Into Artwork

The good thing about my wife being behind the wheel on our way to Ocean City for my birthday vacation is that I get to hold a camera for snapshots when I get an opportunity. A more important reason for my wife driving is to avoid turning a two hour drive into a whole day event given the bajillion things that I would like to stop and photograph along the way.

Like this one snapshot of an abandoned house I took along an unknown road… because I really don’t pay attention to directions when my wife’s at the helm. When I commit myself as a passenger, I put my full trust in the ship’s captain.

Abandoned House

Yeah, it’s just a picture of an abandoned house along the road that I took while inside a moving vehicle. But from a distance I could see the potential. I already had a final image in my head before I took the shot. I even had the camera ready to fire as we approached it, waiting for the right time to press the shutter.

I knew I would need the help of Photoshop to achieve my vision.

Now for the exciting part. First I had to get rid of the ugly, distracting power lines…

2013 OC Vacation-009-EditIt was the most tedious part of the editing process but it was work that had to be done if I wanted to realize my vision. After cloning out the power lines and other un-needed elements, I cropped out the asphalt.

2013 OC Vacation-009-Edit_cropWith the addition of some filters and more color and processing with Lightroom, I turned my snapshot into my final work of art.

Abandoned House Behind the Thicket

If you’d like to own this image, there are different purchase options available at the PointShoot Photography store. Thanks for reading.

PointShoot Photography specializes in custom portraiture but also dabbles in other photographic subjects, serving Stevensville, MD (21666) and cities in Queen Anne’s and neighboring counties, including Annapolis, Severna Park, Crofton, Bowie and Upper Marlboro.


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