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About two weeks ago I did a session for this young couple who were expecting the birth of their baby girl. In our prior discussions it was clear they didn’t want anything frou frou. Just something simple and sort-of-candid. To get some sense of direction, I told them our running theme would be… “The Romance Never Ends”. These two had plenty of romance between them, I had a blast capturing their moments together.

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Digital image post processing is a highly technical endeavor but there are times when I also have to make some artistic or creative decisions to further enhance a portrait. I care about the final image and sometimes I go to certain extremes to meet or exceed my clients’ expectations. Continue reading



I had the privilege of serving Anne’s photography needs for a Corporate Headshot to be used for her new business. During our initial phone consultation she mentioned that her office was located at her home so I suggested we do an environmental shot using her work area as the background. We also talked briefly about wardrobe and I suggested that she prepare a few.

I believe in giving clients all the support, visual aids, tips and advice prior to a shoot. It builds confidence and makes the session run a lot smoother. So a few days before the session, I sent Anne a PDF file containing a few corporate-type posing suggestions that she can practice.  Continue reading


Ronna is a sales leader at a well known global firm who was selected to receive an award for her excellence. She was asked to submit a professional headshot to be used for her elite winner profile that will be published in their corporate newsletter. She needed a pro photographer STAT! Enter Google. To my delight, she found me. My SEO work is finally paying off. Continue reading