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Getting the flu during the holidays sort of drove me into photography hibernation which carried over into January of 2015. I probably picked up my camera once or twice during that time. It did, however, allow me to catch up with my bookkeeping, revamp parts of my website, get caught up with my watch list on Hulu Plus, AND more importantly, play with my daughter as soon as I got out of “quarantine”.

To ease into business mode, I thought I’d brush up on my Photoshop skills so I dug into my archives to look for a worthy project. I found one that I dropped the ball on, way back in 2007. Continue reading


Turning A Snapshot Into Artwork

The good thing about my wife being behind the wheel on our way to Ocean City for my birthday vacation is that I get to hold a camera for snapshots when I get an opportunity. A more important reason for my wife driving is to avoid turning a two hour drive into a whole day event given the bajillion things that I would like to stop and photograph along the way. Continue reading